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Pwn Plug Elite - How to upgrade to Release 1.1.3

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2016 07:36AM EDT

The following steps will guide you through the process of installing update 1.1.3 for use with the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug Elite or the Pwn Plug Academic Edition
Required materials for installation:
●     Pwn Plug Academic Edition or Pwn Plug Elite running Release 1.1 or newer
●     Ethernet cable (included with Pwn Plug)
●     Power cable (included with Pwn Plug)
●     Internet connection
●     Host machine with SSH installed
    1.        Power on the Pwn Plug and connect it to the network via Ethernet cable. A DHCP server must be accessible on the LAN to assign an IP address to the Pwn Plug.
    2.        Next, use Nmap to determine the IP address assigned to the Pwn Plug.  For example, type nmap –p 22,8443 --open and press Enter to scan the subnet (replace as necessary)
    3.        Once the IP address is learned, connect to the Pwn Plug from a host machine via SSH (i.e. SSH pwnie@x.x.x.x) and login with the username root and the password pwnplug8000, by default.
    1.        First, execute the following command block:
dhclient eth0; echo `ifconfig eth0 |grep HWaddr |awk '{print$5}' |awk -F":" '{print$1$2$3$4$5$6}'` > /etc/hostname; /etc/init.d/; touch /var/pwnplug/script_configs/; echo -e "\n### BEGIN INIT INFO\n# Provides: atheros-reset\n# Required-Start: \$remote_fs \$syslog\n# Required-Stop: \$remote_fs \$syslog\n# Default-Start: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6\n# Default-Stop: 0 1 6\n# Short-Description: Resets atheros device so it loads properly at next boot\n### END INIT INFO\n\nifconfig wlan0 up && ifconfig wlan0 down\n" > /etc/init.d/athreset; chmod +x /etc/init.d/athreset; update-rc.d athreset defaults; sed -i 's/\/etc\/init.d\/ssh stop/\/etc\/init.d\/ssh stop\nservice ifplugd stop/g' /var/pwnplug/scripts/
    2.        Next, test for connectivity to the Internet:
    3.        If connected, create a directory to download the update into using:
mkdir <update_directory_here>
    4.        then:
cd <update_directory_here>
    5.        Download the update and patch to v1.1.2 by executing:
dhclient eth0; wget --no-check-certificate; tar xvf pwnplug-update.tar.xz; chmod +x pwnplug_patch*; ./
    4.        Then execute the following command block:
aptitude remove --purge ettercap ettercap-common w3af-console cryptcat sipsak miredo yersinia smbclient sslsniff tcptraceroute pbnj netdiscover netmask udptunnel dnstracer sslscan medusa ipcalc dnswalk socat onesixtyone tinyproxy dmitry fcrackzip ssldump fping ike-scan gpsd darkstat swaks arping tcpreplay sipcrack proxychains proxytunnel siege sqlmap wapiti skipfish w3af; /var/pwnplug/scripts/; rm /var/cache/apt/pkgcache.bin* /var/cache/apt/srcpkgcache.bin*; rm -rf /usr/share/w3af
    5.        Next, install patch v1.1.3 by executing:
apt-get update; PWNIE_POWER=true; chmod +x; ./
    6.        Confirm the update completed successfully using:
cat /etc/motd

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